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Temp Maker Co., Ltd. was established with a commitment and willingness of staff engineers. To bring engineering expertise on exchanger heat Including heating and cooling system was developed to deploy to save energy And maximum efficiency in use. To reduce energy consumption. And increase productivity in various industries. To the basic unit for developing country.

Design and consulting and about Heat exchanger - all types of cold heat exchanger - a cold plate, a tubular Thaitanium, a pipe in pipe In tanks and pipes, Air Chiller. (Kit, water cooling), heat pump (heat pump), ice machine, refrigeration, cold storage, refrigeration marine aquarium.

Our focus on energy saving and environment-friendly surrounding, and our team is pleased to provide product information. And selection by taking into account performance. To use your

Temp Maker Ltd. hopes that ultimately will have the opportunity to serve you. With product quality, performance. And willingness to serve under the best policy

"Temp Maker Every appliance intended exchange"

Temp Maker All Solutions Of Heat Exchanger